I’m an experienced digital producer and content strategist who specialises in writing clear plain English copy, whether about complicated issues such as love and death or complex technical projects.

I work freelance, with clients from the worlds of media, technology and the arts, including the BBC, National Theatre, School of Life, Sky TV and charities such as DACS and Ark.

More info is on my LinkedIn profile and examples of my recent work can be found in the links at the top of this site.

I love books and the arts, almost as much as I love telly and pop. I’ve run comedy clubs, written sketches for Radio 4, performed terrible stand-up and am now trying to write my own book. Most of my blog is about that (spoiler: it’s hard), but also pop and telly and books in general.

…and Michael Jackson. I owe a lot to MJ (no really; I taught myself HTML and got started on the web in the 1990s to make this website). I have an extremely nutty fan past that involved sleeping bags and not washing and vigorously defending the right of anyone to dangle small children out of hotel windows. I used to be embarrassed about it. Recently though, I’ve started writing about it.

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