• Wrote web and brochure copy for education charity Ark
    • Researched and wrote three interactive guides about Shakespeare for BBC iWonder, entitled ‘Was Shakespeare a fraud?’, ‘How much of what we say today do we owe to Shakespeare?’ and ‘Was the theatre more fun in Shakespeare’s day?’ (due to launch in 2015).
    • Wrote copy for the new BBC Research & Development website, highlighting the history of innovation and technical expertise that has supported and inspired the broadcast industry for more than 70 years. I worked closely with the design and development team to ensure my copy complemented the user experience.

BBC Research and Development website


    • Wrote commercial copy for the Daily Telegraph’s new deals service, on the website, daily newsletters and on social platforms.

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    • Wrote funny, irreverent episode synopses of Friends when Comedy Central wanted to freshen up their content.

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And as well as that, I:

I’ve learnt a few things that weren’t on the syllabus of my English degree*: people don’t listen unless you’re to-the-point, clear and the right side of matey. They’re on their phones, they’re rushing to their next appointment, and you’re competing with what their friends have to say.

If you need a digital copywriter with over ten years’ experience writing for top-notch brands, please get in touch.

* …the attitude of post-Jamesian novelists to plot, anyone? Anyone?

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