Other Services


In a previous life I was an award-winning digital producer in TV and the arts. Among the things I helped build was a prototype radio that lets you “bookmark” what you hear, a tool that ranked BBC shows according to how much “buzz” they were getting on social media, and a website exploring the sights and sounds of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford.

Digital media

I’ve produced and directed online video, managed social media campaigns, produced web content, and even put together comedy games like The Semi-Official Adventures of Captain Helix and Mitchell and Webb’s Numberwang game.

With over ten years’ experience working for clients such as the BBC, Sky, the National Theatre, the RSC and the Courtauld, I can help you develop a coherent content strategy, design content or produce digital media.


I also provide editorial consultancy and editing services. Recent clients have included the BBC, Ark and DACS.


I teach English and creative writing in one-on-one tutoring sessions, in person or over Skype. If you’d like to discuss how I could help you or your child improve your literary or language skills, get in touch.