HELLO. I’m Kat. I am a freelance pop culture and comedy writer.

I write for lots of different places, like BBC America, Radio 4, Sky, School of LifeBBC R&D, The Telegraph, the Literary Platform and The Junket.

I write mostly about TV, film and pop music, but you could also ask me to write about wider aspects of popular culture, from books and technology to feminism and mental health. I believe no subject is too serious or grand to be made “pop”, and, similarly, just because something’s “pop” doesn’t mean it can’t be taken dead seriously.

Recently I co-wrote a comedy series called Charlotte & Lillian for BBC Radio 4, and I’ve got a TV script in development. I’ve been writing a book for over five years, though I expect it to be finished later this year (2017).

I also write and edit copy for big and small companies alike, specialising in clear plain English however complicated or jargon-tastic the topic may seem.

Want to hire me for something?

Ooh, that’d be nice. Jobs are nice. Money is nice. I can either write you up a storm, or there’s all the other editorial services I provide. You can get hold of me via the contact page on this site, or try emailing myfirstname.mylastname @ a well-known email provider who may or may not rhyme with “female”.