About me


I write a mix of comedy, news/features about pop culture, and copy for digital platforms and social media. A sitcom I wrote has just aired on BBC Radio 4, and I'm writing a book about pop fandom. In a previous life I was an award-winning digital producer in TV and the arts. No, really. It's on my CV and everything. 

Before that I ran comedy clubs, wrote sketches for Radio 4, and performed stand-up for a year or so. I had a good joke (one) about an agoraphobic ex: when he told me he needed space, I didn't believe him.

I studied English at Cambridge University, meaning I'm half book nerd, half pop diva. I had plans to start a PhD on post-Romantic Victorian literature, but was tempted away by the prospect of writing jokes about Brian McFadden's departure from Westlife. I like to think humanity has benefitted.

I'm still a romantic at heart, though. As a teenager I channelled it into being a Michael Jackson superfan, touring Europe, chasing his car and queuing overnight in pursuit of my idol, not to mention vigorously defending the right of anyone to dangle small children out of hotel windows.

I used to be embarrassed about all that. Recently though, I've started writing about it.