"These prompts that send my thoughts to and from Judy occur almost imperceptibly. But I'm always looking for her. When someone's in your thoughts, or you've lost someone, or you miss a person terribly it's easy to single out the back of a head in a crowd or to recognise a pair of shoulders in the distance, the slight, stirring unevenness of a gait, a familiar hand gesture, a scarf or a coat that no one else has, and you beat a path to that person and greet him or her joyfully and with enthusiasm and springy limbs, then you watch deight register in the other person's face until the smile slides a little and dissolves and the eyes look puzzled and it wasn't who you thought it was at all, how could you have even... and it's all embarrassment and apologies and maybe the other person thinks you're trying to start something and maybe you are or maybe he is or she is and suddenly it's far too complicated and as politely as you can you disappear. But with Judy it's always, always the right person. Can you imagine?"

- Susie Boyt on being a Judy Garland fan, My Judy Garland Life, p.38