Weeks 47, 48

Break for Christmas. I took on some work over the festive period, so that, coupled with gorging myself with cheese and chocolate, watching reams of overcooked telly, eating my annual badly written sprouts, meant I got barely any writing done. So here are my writing resolutions:

  • Write every day, before work, even if only for an hour
  • Write 4,000 words a week (15,000 words a month)
  • Finish first draft: end of March 2012 (this has rather massively been pushed back - originally I hoped to get it done by Christmas, but I didn't account for changing jobs, freelance admin, and near-constant drawing of sums on every spare bit of paper in a budgetting frenzy. The draft has become longer too, and will end up being more like 120,000 words, not the 100,000 I originally anticipated)
  • Set aside first draft: April 2012 (ignore the book for a while so that, when I read it again, like a thin, loose fitting jacket, I feel the benefit)
  • Finish second draft: June 2012 (bit optimistic that. I'm rather looking forward to the redraft - my hunch is I'm a better editor than a writer - but I expect it takes longer than a couple of months)
  • Send to agents (haha): Summer 2012
  • Sell my book for millions: Autumn 2012
  • Retire (to Greece, with cats): Christmas 2012
  • Write memoirs about that time I wrote that book: 2037

Word count this week: 1,869 Total word count: 93,676 First draft: 83,660