Week 90

90! Another week, another theory. This one's is monomyth, or the Hero's Journey. I did this one just for though - having planned so much before starting this draft, it's useful every now and then running through a pattern in your head and seeing how your story compares.

Writing and planning - the constant battle. Too much of the latter and my story starts to wilt, and too much of the former and it can go off on one too many tangents and literally lose the plot. I've got quite a good compromise going at the moment, where I write for a while, and return to my scene tracker when I feel I'm heading in the wrong direction.

There's a lot of criticism of universal systems like the monomyth, and I'm not sure it would have been much help when I was working out my story. But as a comparison tool it is useful: it's gives you confidence to know your story has echoes in a mythic structure, and it gives you ideas and new angles for how certain scenes relate.

Getting there; I'm about halfway through the first part. Or "Refusal of the Call" ;)

Word count this week: 6,986 Second draft: 17,078 First draft: 128,661