Week 66

After feeling a bit bogged down last week while I tried to draw this draft to some kind of conclusion, a few things improved this week: 66

  • I finished a short story I started last week, proving to myself I can tell stories (after grappling with something novel-length for so long, I started to lose my sense of story development and pace - a short story condenses things)
  • I baulked when it came to writing the ending of my short story, prevaricated, and then finished it before I'd even realised it was finished, thus proving endings are HARD
  • I read The Sense of an Ending, which has a similar problem with endings and, in my opinion, shirks it and wins the Booker (this is good)
  • I listened to Ross Raisin on Book Club, who wrote a brilliant book called God's Own Country, and in response to a question about when he felt the book had come together and finally "worked", he said that never happens with his writing, that usually he feels it doesn't work and may never work (this is also good - it's how I feel all the time)
  • I was reminded of the final line of The Great Gatsby, which captures a good ending perfectly: a will forwards coupled with an involuntary jerk in the direction of the past (Google it)
  • it was a long bank holiday weekend and the weather was BAD - you do not know how it warms my little black wizened heart to know you are all indoors and not enjoying the sun too

So, progress. Still battling with the end, still trying to tie things up, still finding whole new strands of story that change rather than resolve everything that has gone before. Perhaps that's the way of the world - but it doesn't make a good story™, does it.

Word count this week: 2,600 First draft: 127,812 Short story: 3,200 (total count: 5,200 words)