Ark Schools (2016)

The brief

To write the copy for a brochure and Ark's annual report.

The process

I had to assimilate numerous documents, previous brochures, stats and existing web copy to understand the scope of the work undertaken by Ark, then simplify it down to its key areas.

The outcome

Below is a sample double page spread.


Heading: Enriching students’ lives

Lead para: There is more to education than simply passing exams. We want our students to learn the skills and qualities they need to be successful in life, so our schools offer non-academic pursuits such as music, theatre, sports and debate.

Copy: Last year over 1500 Ark students benefitted from a programme of events
designed to build social skills and stimulate an appreciation of culture.

More than 150 students flexed their public speaking skills at the Great Debate,
while over 180 had their maths knowledge put to the test at the Mega Maths
Wrangle, and 300 students competed at Crystal Palace Stadium for the coveted
Ark Athletics trophy.

Five Year 11 students were even given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take
part in a two-week residential expedition to Canada.


Heading: n/a

Lead para: We want our students to reach their full potential, so we partner with leading employers to build the habit and skills they need to go to university or pursue the career of their choice.

Copy: Our partnerships offer students excellent opportunities to get advice and work experience, such as a 10-week mentoring programme designed to increase Year 10 students’ confidence, resilience and speaking skills.

We train and support our teachers so they can confidently advise students about
their career options, and we work closely with parents and local communities to
ensure our students have access to all the opportunities available to them.

So far we have awarded £411,000 worth of bursaries to help 51 students from
lower socio-economic backgrounds with university costs and encourage them to
apply in the first place. All of them were accepted into university, with 69%
receiving an offer from their first or second choice.