BBC iWonder (2015)

The brief

To write x3 interactive guides about William Shakespeare for a new online factual product by the BBC.

The process

I worked with commissioners to identify three interesting and unusual topics about Shakespeare’s life and works, that could be hung off a frequently asked or provocative question. I used SEO and user research to discover what aspects of the topic was appealing to users, and contacted experts in schools and the BBC’s own Learning department to identify topics relevant to the curriculum, as well as topics linked to current events and recent controversies.

Once I’d identified three topics, I expanded on them using the BBC’s template, and fed back the kind of interactive functionality and assets I’d need to illustrate the topic.

The outcome

I delivered x3 scripts for interactive articles outlining copy and interactive assets.

  1. Was Shakespeare a fraud?

  2. How much of what we say today do we owe to Shakespeare?

  3. Was the theatre more fun in Shakespeare's day?