BBC Radio 5 Live (2013)

The brief

To produce a social media campaign for "Bump Club", BBC Radio 5 Live's new strand of programming about pregnancy and childbirth, and expand the station's reach to new audiences.

The process

This project involved finding and encouraging new audiences to listen to 5 Live, and get existing listeners enthusiastic about a subject not often heard on the station.

I identified key content partners and influencers, wrote and produced bespoke content for them, and wrote regular updates and calls-to-action on 5 Live's existing social media accounts. We used arresting images, outrageous stats and funny content in line with 5 Live's brand, while sparking debate about some of the contentious issues surrounding parenting.

The outcome

The campaign for Bump Club was deliberately provocative and attention-grabbing, using 5 Live talent to promote a new chatty approach for the station. It resulted in 10,000 more fans for the 5 Live Facebook page and reached 3.2 million users on Twitter.